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Re: My Star Trek fan art

B.J. wrote: View Post
Excellent work! Much better than I could do (I'm lousy at drawing people in any style).

My only nitpick is that even though this is highly stylized, the long necks and long thin bodies make them all look like young teenagers to me. But as long as this style works for you, feel free to ignore my comment!
Aw, thank you!

Yeah! I didn't even really notice wit till I finished it. I knew something was off, but couldn't tell. Then after I was done I looked at it and realized what it was. That's how it always seems to be for me. Looks fine till I'm done, then I realize what I did wrong. ]XD;;
I'm trying to be conscious of that on my newer pictures. ]:3

O'Dib wrote: View Post
Aw come on B.J., Sombrero man freaking rocked!

Cafcow, great work! Somehow, Archer is the only one that doesn't really scream "Archer!" to me, though.
Sombrero man ....that is awesome. ]XD

Thank you very much!
Yeah, I completely agree, he jsut didn't turn out good at all. ]XD;;

Ok, I seriously, SERIOUSLY hated the way these ones came out.
I can not draw Picard. No matter how many times I tried he either looked too old or too young.

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