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Re: Lost SPOILERS Four-Toed Foot!

Here is a link to the he first 4 minutes of the first episode:

Not much different then we were expecting, except I noticed how Cindy only gives Jack one mini bottle of vodka this time, rather then the two she gave him in the original timeline (one he drank then and there, the other he put in his pocket and used after the crash). Not sure why, or what that means, but it is a strange thing to change.

Also strange is the turbulence still occurs, does that mean the numbers were still missed for a little bit (but not as long enough to bring the plane down like originally happened)? Or was it just regular turbulence that coincidentally happened at the same time as the original crash should have happened?

And finally, is the plane still 2000 miles of course like it was originally? Changing the timeline shouldn't have affected things like the radio going out (unless the plane was brought to the island on purpose) of course it should also not have affected Cindy only giving Jack one bottle of vodka and not two. So who knows?
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