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Re: Season DVD Packaging

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Please do. I would be interested in seeing that packaging.

Here's my TNG (and TOS) ones, with a new slimline version for comparison. I personally prefer the new ones for convenience, it's annoying having to get the booklet out to find out what disc your episode of choice is on then unfold the ridiculously long digipak to get to it. On the new ones you've got 5 slim cases with the episode information printed on the back, much less hassle. The TOS ones are a hassle too, but you don't have to fold out a huge digipak to get to the discs, they're in more of a "book" format.

The old ones do look cool though.
These are the ones mentioned in this post -

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What are your experiences with the DVD packaging from any series or season?
Pretty good. Here in the UK, we've always got very elaborate hard shell cases styled vaguely on the show. TNG's sets are in silvery grey boxes that look like a tool box or something, with purple inside. DS9's are similar, although they're black (well, dark navy I think) with cardassian bumpy patterns all over them. Voyager's are similar to TNG but red with a white strip. They all have the actual discs inside smaller holders that unfold, with lots of artwork and images on them. They look really nice. TOS comes in similar hard shell cases but they literally split in half and the smaller insert rests in the middle of them. They're coloured yellow, blue and red, for the different seasons, and look amazing. Enterprise's box set are similar; they also split in half, but they're all silver colour with the blue inner boxes visible through the outer shell, like they're part of the warp core or something. I think these versions were released in the US as well, actually.

They've stopped doing these ones now, though. The current issue of box sets are all slim cardboard packaging, which I suppose is more convenient for storing them, but not nearly as cool.

I should take a photograph at some point. I've got the whole set of every series stacked up.
Which also happen to be the ones I own.

They look freakin awesome, even if they're a little inconvenient - I prefer the plastic to cheap cardboard!

A quick Google search to demonstrate the other styles (TNG, DS9 and Voyager have the same type of box, which is also the easiest to open) -

You can take off the stickers of the crew's faces on the Enterprise boxes.
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