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Zach's posted on his blog to confirm that he will definitely be in the next movie.

It's perfectly understandable that he wants to concentrate on other things for a while. The last few years of his life have revolved around Trek and Heroes and for the sake of his future career he needs to get out there and diversify a little bit, prove he's not just a scifi guy. Look around at most of his Trek co-stars and their careers are on fire at the moment, he's been unable, until now, to take advantage of the hype from Trek because of his commitment to Heroes but now that they've wrapped the season he can finally spread his wings and take on a new project. I know he's talked about wanting to get back into theatre work and that his next role would probably be on the stage so I guess we'll have to wait and see.
Yeah I read that. To say Im relaved to say he will be back. I shouldve remmber the coment he made at the convetion last year when a fan asked if he would be in next film, and of course his answer was yes. I guess I forgot about it, and jump to conclusions. He is to much involved with Star Trek to just walk away forever. He really enjoyed/enjoys his fandom from Star Trek and others to just step away.I mean he did the STO,the audiobook,the convetions,appearances and much more. And he seemed to enjoy all of it, I even noticed it when I ment him in person. If he didnt enjoy it, he wouldve been gone long time ago. So we just all jumped to conclusions before giving a second thought. He is just taking a little break from it for a liitle while to do other projects, and there is nothing wrong that. I think he is amanzing actor as well as person. He is great in everything he does, no mater what it is. Anyways I look forward to the sequel and cant wait to see it when its out. I'm sure he will be as great as this last movie. Good luck in everything you do Zach, we all love you!
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