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Re: Season DVD Packaging

I live in region one, and I hate those big DVD cases for season sets, mostly for the way they open and the space they take up. Someone mentioned the slim line clases, those are nice, and so are the (third buffy/angel release) cases, the cd's are not stacked onto each other (or layered is perhaps a better term?) they are single side DVDs and on a single side of the flap each (with the first disc and last disc being on the covers). I've heard people having issues with this type to, inevitable, I guess, mostly due to the placing of the security strips, but an extremely small amount of space (the cases are the size of a typical movie case) which is nice when you consider that in Angel at least, two seasons would take up the space a single slimline clase season takes (and probably four or more would take the place of the original release). I wish the smaller cases were more the norm, more standardize like I seem to be seeing with the BluRays.

Either the slimlines, or the "standard case" (as it were, I don't know what else to call it) would be nice for season sets, they make them much more manageable, take up far less room, weigh less, etc... Oh, if only...
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