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Re: The Official Welcome Thread

Yet another newbie here! A really raw cadet - I just signed up a few hours ago.

In 1966, I was a teen and living in Germany, where my dad was stationed. A voracious reader, I picked up a book by James Blish, a novelization of a new series that I'd heard a little about. That series was Star Trek, and I read that book so many times, it fell apart and I had to buy a new one. I couldn't wait to get back Stateside and SEE it! I got back in 1969, just in time to catch the last two episodes.

Of course, thanks to syndication, I have now seen all the episodes a dozen or more times. I am still a huge TOS fan. I never really got into any of the other versions. There was just something about the triumvirate of Kirk, Spock and McCoy that I loved then and still love today.

As I believe you said you wanted us to mention, I was brought to this forum by the new movie, which I loved. (Seen it 7 times so far.) I hope they continue to develop the K/S/M bond in future movies of the reboot.

I have to admit that the size and speed of this forum is a bit mind-boggling! But I'm glad I found my way here. Y'all seem like an interesting bunch of people!
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