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Re: Season DVD Packaging

The initial cost of the Trek DVD sets put me off of purchasing them--upon their initial release they cost upwards of $150 CDN a season at Future Shop or HMV. They've come down quite a bit (about $60 CDN for the DS9/TNG/VOY sets) but I've read many other reviews citing the sets for absolutely horrible, easily breakable packaging, so once again I've decided to put it off. Not bothering with TOS as I'm going to buy the Blu-Ray sets once I make the jump to HD, and I'll be getting double dipped as it is for BSG, Firefly, and the ST films on Blu-Ray.

All I really want is the discs in a slimline plastic case (1 or 2 per case) bound with a simple slipcase, the way the R1 The Shield or Buffy sets are packaged (WERE packaged in the case of Buffy--at this point BtVS DVD's are on their third iteration of the packaging). I don't need super-intricate packaging that's going to fall apart and probably end up costing more for the consumer (more elaborate packaging=higher price tag). If the manufacturers can come up with innovative, cool packaging without sacrificing ease of use and durability, I'm all for it, but in my experience this is usually rare.

Good thread J, DVD packaging that falls apart and/or puts the discs in danger of being damaged just to get them out of the case really ticks me off--the things cost enough as it is.
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