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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5

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Yay! Another TGB thread!

No, I am NOT being sarcastic. I always enjoy TheGodBen's threads. I wish I liked B5 better, but I'll check in on this thread from time to time anyway, when I need a small dose of smartassity as a pick-me-up.
A small dose? Surely my ass is smarter than that.

Born to the Purple (*)

Another unsatisfying outing, not even Londo and G'Kar could rescue this episode for me. There story here has been done to death; woman tasked with seducing a man for fun and profit develops feelings for him and ends up betraying her employer due to her feelings for the man. I've seen this a thousand times before, I've seen it just as many times with the roles of the male and female reversed, and I think I've even seen it involving two men. (I can't say I've ever seen it with two women, but that might be because whenever lesbians are on screen I stop focusing on the plot.) Does this episode add anything new to the formula? Not really, just a bunch of aliens, the basic concepts and structure remain the same.

Londo's character in this episode gets grazed by the bullet of a senseless assassin; he doesn't take his job seriously, he focuses on sex when he should be thinking about the important issue of galactic peace, and his incompetence nearly brings down his empire. I still like Londo, buy many more episodes like this and I'll have to reconsider. As for G'Kar, I did not like the way he reacted at the end of the episode at all, he stormed off in a huff because he was tricked into not causing an empire descend into chaos.

I have to question how Sinclair is the commander of B5 yet businessmen on the station apparently don't recognise him. Some layperson who is just passing through the station might not know what he looks like, but a businessman based on the station? I don't get it.

I must have missed something major about Ivanova's backstory because I can't understand the b-story at all. She has to use back-channels in order to talk to her dying father why? I don't understand what's going on, I didn't find it particularly emotional, all it did was distract from the a-plot, not that that's such a crime in this case.

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