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Re: VRML Models - Firefly, Falcon, TOS Enterprise

I've been working out some of the issues researched by Robert Brown on his website "Ship of Riddles".

- a completely circular torus, centred on the gunnery ports and NOT centred on the axis line of the ship. This solves alot of problems.

- the bottom of the upper gun port and the top of the lower gun port both define the ceiling and floor (resp) for the torus.

- the hallways that lead from the torus to the docking rings (port and stbd) are all level for ease in moving cargo around, in and out of the ship. This doesn't include the fwd compartment that is photographed in all the movies - my intent is that there is no "cargo" (owned by others) in the fwd compartment.

- a two tiered vertical egress ramp, rather than a sophisticated circular stairway... above and behind the ramp that extends out the bottom (the one we all see) there's a ramp that starts at the torus hallway and extends down to the hi-end of the lower ramp - when the upper ramp is retracted (swung up) it is level with the docking ring, the egress used when out-of-atmosphere.

- a slanted cockpit corridor. I noticed that in New Hope, once the Falcon is in the Death Star and the stormtroopers are walking around in the ship, that the stormtrooper that walks from the cockpit to the torus along the cockpit corridor is actually walking downhill - take a look!!!

Anyways, here's a YouTube video of a walkthru of my model with some of these implemented. As always, you input is more than welcome!

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