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Re: eBook Formats and Readers ?'s

Just because an Ipad screen is larger does not mean it will be easy on the eyes. If that was the case reading on an HDTV laptop would be a fine experience but it's not. Anyone who spends long hours reading will not enjoy the experience as much as they would enjoy reading on an eink screen. Now as far as internet, movies, games, photos and music I doubt the experience could be beat but not for ebooks. Internet reading and book reading are not the same btw. We read internet much differently because it's a contstantly moving around experience. Rarely does anyone read straight through 50 to 100 pages of internet text on their computer.

As far as I can tell Apple has really brought nothing new to the table except for a humungus Iphone called the Ipad without the phone capability. It caters to the lust of the eyes and the lust of the flesh just fine but I do not see it as a "must have" device for a lot of people. An interesting poll on MSNBC asks if the device is a must have or epic failure. The majority side with either must have or meh. Only 25% think it is a must have but I wonder how many of that 25% will actually shell out the big bucks. I think even $499 is a little steep for the trimmed down version. If I were to buy one it would have to be the best one they sell. Here is the article:

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