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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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I'm not sure compatible that is with the FJ designs (which seem to be the primary inspiration here).
The thought is appreciated; but, nope.. it isn't compatible.


Thought I'd go ahead and throw in a progress report. The skins for decks 2-4 are trimmed to deck 4 now and in place. The dorsal skins have likewise been trimmed to both hulls and are in place. The poly count now is so high that I can't do an overview shot for the moment; so, I've begun phase 2. I'm cleaning her up starting with deck 7 - which happens to be the most bloated on polycount of all the decks. And it is sheer tedium! I'm making lots of headway; but, there are likely not to be any pics for a bit while I do this.

Along with this, I'm chopping main engineering and the shuttlebay from the several decks they're attached to and making them their own seperate mesh. I couldn't find a way to make that work otherwise for the purposes of the game engines; so, the decision there is pretty much made. It will be a differentiation between the base model and the game version.
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