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Re: *Spock/Zachary Quinto Appreciation Zone*

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Thanks for the birthday wishes, gang! It was a good one. I convinced my husband to get the rifftrax for Star Trek XI and we watched it with two of our friends. Hilarious!

Spylar is pretty scary, TheJosmo! The eye just makes him more intimidating. Don't forget that with nuKirk's POWAAZ comes the coveted cliff-dangling ability!
Hi there Tribbles! This might be a little late since I havent been on here for a few days or so, but anyways.Happy Birthday! By the way for all you Zach/Spock fans like me who love this guy, I got very disapointing news. I just read on the news section on this site in Trek Today about Zach. It said the he's stepping away from Star Trek and sci-fi for awhile to do other projects. I found that very disapointing, which means he wont be at any Star Trek convetions for the next few years, and wont be involved in any other Star Trek and sci-fi stuff for awhile either. I will still follow him on other stuff he does, and of course his web site.I love that guy that much! And can hope he will be back to Star Trek and sci-fi when the sequel comes around. I wasnt sure if any of you knew, so I thought pass the measage along.
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