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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

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Seeing characters acting out of character can be interesting, but first you need to have a baseline, and these characters seem to spend half their time under some form of psychosis, and even when 'sane' characterization tends to be scattered (Zhaan has been all over the place).
Yeah they dropped the ball on Zhaan, as I like to opine. They clearly weren't too clear on where her losing faith arc was going, so it went everywhere in scattershot order.

The thing is, the crazy episodes are really supposed to be, er, fun, rather than interesting. One either finds the manic energy funny or they don't - not that I always do, I find "Out of Their Minds" (the mind-swap episode), a fan favourite, overrated for precisely this reason- isn't as funny as it could have been and is mostly content, in good old fashioned Farscape style, with body part and vomit jokes.

"Won't Get Fooled Again", on the other hand (the one with the Scarrans screwing with Crichton's head) is one of the very best examples of what I mean. Yeah, there's a story there, sort of, but mostly it's just twisty fun.
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