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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

Finished the second season the other night. I really enjoyed the final arc with the Shadow Depository and the cliffhanger; I hope we see that sadistic arachnid lady again. That said, while I enjoy the arc-based episodes, I'm finding myself ever more disinterested in the rest; I'm particularly tired of episodes where the crew are crazy or stoned or some such. Seeing characters acting out of character can be interesting, but first you need to have a baseline, and these characters seem to spend half their time under some form of psychosis, and even when 'sane' characterization tends to be scattered (Zhaan has been all over the place). Too, I simply prefer rational actors and motivations, which I think is part of why I really prefer things like the Princess and Shadow Depository arc, which are all about competing interests; poeple being crazy for the sake of crazy is beginning to feel cheap. I'll go on to the third season, in part because the cliffhanger really has me hooked, in part because there's really nothing better on, but I just can't seem to get as enthused about this series as many people seem to be; despite having the discs on hand, it tends to be rather low on my list of priorities, so definately not the compulsive viewing experience others get.

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