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Re: Complete Farscape on DVD Nov 17

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My complete collection finally arrived after weeks of desperate waiting. And I've noticed something funny: The order of the episodes is a different one on the US-DVD-version than it was on my old videotapes from the UK, e.g. “Throne for a Loss” was the second episode on my videotape, but on the US-DVD-version it’s now the fourth episode. I had no idea that the order of the episodes varies from country to country . Well, to be fair, there are just a few episodes in a different order and since I know the show I can tell that it doesn’t matter so much. Still, I was a bit surprised.
I don't know this for sure, but from what I've read in the Farscape complete season books, the episodes in the current release are in production order. Claudia Black is qouted as saying she thought the aired order screwed up her early character arc, and was disapointed by that. From what I noticed lookingat my DVD's, the episodes as presented in the present release restored this. She didn't say that exactly, it's what I noticed from comparing the 2 lists.
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