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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

Some final impressions from open beta:

A final look on my ship after completing one last mission.
U.S.S. Hawking, Horizon class research science vessel.

My Character enjoying some much needed and well earned shore leave on Risa, after all the testing.

Unfortunately the peace didn't last long. After some crazy Klingons had started attacking Federation space with battles being fought over Risa, DS9, Earth Spacedock and Stabase 24, the Borg invaded everything.

Earth Spacedock was overun by all kinds of drones.

And even in space, Federation fleets faced of with huge contingents of cubes and spheres

We engaged one of the superspheres which were flown by the developers themselves.

Although we managed to destroy some of them, they just kept coming.
Facing the end of the world, despair overwhelmed my toon.

Then there was blackness.

For some reason, I find it hilarious that the "sit(Captain)" emote comes with an inbuilt random facepalm animation.
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