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So is anyone even going to bother playing any of the "pure" classes (Adept, Soldier, Engineer)? The hybrid classes (Vanguard, Sentinel, Infiltrator) all look way better. The Sentinel was kind of a joke in ME1, but the ME2 version looks surprisingly awesome.
My first play through save was with a paragon female soldier and that's the first one I intend to import. Second time round I'm planning on using her again, but change he class to Vanguard, since I gather you can alter anything aside from gender and past decisions.

I think they've really hit on something with character importing as the different iterations one can explore on repeated plays are going to be mind boggling. You could have a paragon that goes renegade in the 2nd part only to go paragon again in the 3rd, a renegade that redeems themselves only to go under again etc. etc.

I don't think there are any RPGs around that have this level of replay value.

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Not that I wouldn't want Gay/LesbianShepard, but this is a game where FemShep is a billion times better than MaleShep but BioWare INSISTS on using bald space marine as the cover model because 17 year old boys can't handle a girl with guns who isn't just a walking pair of breasts. Oh well.
Blame the marketing department. The reason there's practically no marketing stuff with FemShep is to preserve continuity with ME1's marketing after the multi-gender ad campaign for Jade Empire didn't pan out. As for why they didn't go with FemShep in the first place, it might have had something to do with the fact that scifi is still considered to be a guy thing, despite large numbers of female scifi fans existing
Destructoid did an interesting article on why Shepard is better as a woman which I completely agree with. I can't help but play as and think of Shepard as a female (and I usually play male characters). Putting aside the rather sizable gulf in voice acting abilities, FemShep is just a more interesting character.
I preferred female Shepard too (though finding a hairstyle that works is a bit of a challenge.) To be fair to Mark Meer though, Jennifer Hale is a MUCH more experienced voice actor. Just have a look at her IMDB entry; Aayla Secura, Killer Frost, Giganta, Naomi Hunter, Samus Aran, Avatar Kyoshi, Bastila Shan, Black name but a few!
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