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Well I put in a few hours last night (more than I probably should have ), so here are my first impressions. SPOILERS AHOY!!!

Even though I knew the beginning where the Normandy is destroyed, it still had a big 'Wow' moment when I went to save Joker and stepped into part of the top deck that was open to space. I just tilted into the camera and stared into space, taking stock of all of the damage.

The new system navigation system took me a minute to figure out, but it wasn't bad once I did. It just took me a minute of hopping between systems before I realized that there was a big Mass Effect Relay I could use right next to me.

Combat I am starting to get the hang of. The cover system is taking a little bit more getting used to since they changed it up from the first one. I'm playing a Vangaurd and getting used to the new powers. The 'Charge at the Enemy' power is pretty cool once you get used it and accept the tactical possibilities of it. BTW, it is a bad idea to charge a Krogan with full armor. I do like the streamlined interface for weapons.

As for the story, I am warming up to it. Not that it is terrible or anything, but like Shepard, I am still trying get a handle on what is happening. However, it already had a really awesome moment when I reached 'Archangel'. Right before there was the reveal of who it was, I figured out that it was Garrus and the action sequence that followed was simply awesome. It was well written and like Shepard, I was happy to see a familiar face and it felt like 'old times' as it were.

I first tried to go to the Citadel to visit Councilman Anderson, but I could not figure out how to leave the 'mall'. The options for other areas of the Citadel in the mass transit were greyed out. Any ideas?
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