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Re: Your Star Trek Online Screenshots!

Well, here's my little ship - the USS Fforde. I've only been in the beta since Saturday (after spending the rest of the time trying to find a beta key giveaway that wouldn't require him to sign up to somewhere he's never going to visit again), and most of my playing time ended up being swallowed by emergency server maintenance - still, I made it to Lieutenant 5, and am definitely picking the game up when it's released:

She made her first trip to Memory Alpha last night:

But thought better of engaging the enemy signal contacts in that sector block, after warping right into the middle of a heavy Romulan formation:

Then, trying again, and only just warping out before being destroyed:

Commanded by Marass Th'Ralkas:

the Fforde and her crew are only just delving into the extent of the Undine infiltration, as their assault on the Klingon listening post would prove:

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