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Re: Cast the Characters of Trek Literature

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According to Memory Beta, Caithlin Dar was half-human/ half-Romulan. It actually says her dad was from Ireland, and mother was Romulan. I don't know where the asian features are supposed to come from. Maybe when the Irish mate with Romulans, you get asian looking Romulans? I assume this comes from the novelization of STV.
That begs the question, though: how can she be half human when humans didn't even know what Romulans looked like 19 years earlier?

EDIT: I looked her up, and it seems she is just one quarter human, which makes it even stranger.
Where did it say she was 1/4 human and not 1/2? As to how it could be possible...there's no saying that her father knew that her mother was Romulan. He may have thought she was a Vulcan. There was no mention of her parents relationship, so it's possible that Caithlin is the result of a one-night stand. Or maybe her mother was a spy posing as a Vulcan, and then left without word and took her daughter with her...

who knows
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