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Re: Modified TOS Ent - Wallpapers

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One last quickie for tonight. Enterprise at sublight with warp engines idling:

Try to picture this with the blades rotating but just barely. As the ship prepares to go to warp, the internal glow intensifies and the blades begin to spin more rapidly. At full power, the domes luminesce from the contained energy and then BOOM! She's gone.

I have a pretty good idea of exactly what I want that effect to look like. Just have to find the time to actually create it.
God I love this ship! Vektor, you and Deg3D are my favorites! Your take on the big E is awesome. As far as detail, it's the most intricate of the re-imagined Enterprises I've seen. Ryan Church should take pointers from you guys on how to design an Enterprise. Awesome stuff!!!!!
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