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Re: Mass Effect 2

Right managed to get this game a few days early(Ahh the joys of having access to somebody in retail),and tried to import my ME1 save game to ME2, no dice, and after doing some searching around the net it seems i can only import my ME1 save game if I'm using ME2 on the same 360 i completed ME1 on, well seeing as that specific 360 died of the RROD long after i completed ME1 it looks like I'm either going to have to start ME2 with a fresh character or start ME 1 all over again.

Although i have about 5 saves from ME1 through various parts in the game, i wonder if i can load up ME1, load in the most advanced save and complete the game from there, would that count as completing it on this console....i hope so, i was looking forward to that little feature.

We shall see, fingers crossed, just installing ME1 now.

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