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(Seriously, people play Shepard as a male more than once? Even if I didn't want to be spending 20 hours of gameplay staring at femShep's ass instead of manShep's, the difference in the voice acting is huge.)
I played ManShep twice (first playthrough, then New Game+). I didn't have a problem with Mark Meer's voice acting. But I also played FemShep twice (two separate characters).

As for Kaidan, he died in my male Shepard's storyline (since I was romancing Ashley), and he died in my Renegade FemShep playthrough (not for any romantic reasons). He survived my Paragon FemShep game, though.
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Both Ashley and Kaiden insist on monogamy.
That's gonna be real tough on me since one of the romanceable NPCs in ME2 looks and sounds like Yvonne Strahovski.
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