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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

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I asked for some with my G&T and was told they're no longer available due to cost cutting but I could have some chocolate-covered raisins instead. Don't ask me to explain why these are cheaper than the peanuts.
They're probably not. They may just have purchased a warehouse full of them in 1993 and have to use them up.

I mentioned this little anecdote to a friend today and she suggested that it probably had nothing to do with cost-cutting at all, but rather to reduce the risk of lawsuits from peanut allergies. She heard somewhere that the allergens can get into the air and recirculate with the enclosed cabin space and a/c in a plane, potentially causing a reaction in people with nut allergies even if they don't actually eat them themselves.

*shrug* I guess that's plausible.
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