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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5

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I'm supposed to believe that she didn't read up on the history of the Babylon project after being assigned there?
On top of that... it's just stupid backstory. I don't think it's spoling a lot that there's no particular need for there to be a grand total of four exploded space stations, it just struck me that JMS had a cool name for his series and then had to furtively come up with a rationale for it.

Takashima and Kyle seem quite dull, I'm glad they'll be fired for planting the coffee bean tree against regulations.
You'll miss Takashima when you get Ivanova. Because of her deep characteris... um... look, Ivanova's just as dull and not as hot, alright?

Franklin though, foxy, foxy man. Ahem.

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There's another scene later where Dr Kyle explains that he is a changed man after seeing what Vorlons look like, and that only serves to make the earlier scene seem worse.
In a couple of seasons, Dr. Kyle's reaction will make perfect sense to you. That's all I'm sayin'.
Actually I find it far cornier in retrospect. Uh... yeah.
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