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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5

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Of the first 6, Soul Hunter and Infection were the ones I didn't really like. I really liked Born to the Purple, and people didn't like Bester's first episode, Mind War? I thought that was one of the season's best?
"Mind War" was pretty good, and reminded me of why Sinclair just reeks of bad assery.
"Mind War" was pretty damned cool.

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And that was the heavily re-written version of the script, too. But I'm not big on the first season, which basically comes down to six episodes that really matter and a lot of mediocre universe-building (which, in retrospect, has a little more value, but not a lot more). IMO.
Oh, there were seven or eight good episodes - stories only "matter" if they're good, not because they fit into and advance some kind of "arc." It doesn't help that the metastory in B5 was mediocre, derivative and ended in a sham climax ("Get out of our galaxy!").
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