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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5

As far as appeal goes, I think B5 is basically a cult show because you simply have to be willing to overlook a lot of problems, like acting, SFX, music and occasionally writing - be someone willing and inclined to appreciate the show for its broader scope and all that. Something like nuBSG isn't as good when it comes to the big picture and the answers to the big questions, but it's also rather superior in all of those other fiddly little details (which are far more important for any show on a day-to-day basis).

Basically, you've just got to be a geek. We're more than patient for all of this if we just get our little bit of space opera world building on the side; and B5 is one of the best concieved space opera universes on TV, full of epic sweeping political stuff and character arcs, so naturally some go gaga.

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It's always so silly to me how people proclaim these sorts of things so matter-of-factly.
Well, they are wrong. Farscape is the greatest sci-fi show of all time.
I will concede this point.
This is factually true.

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Oh gods, I remember hating those two episodes. I felt that Midnight on the Firing Line was okay, but Soul Hunter made me want to give up. I gave the show another shot with Born to the Purple only to be disappointed, so after that I waited a week or two before moving on to Infection, and that episode successfully killed my interest in the show.
Hence the great wisdom of that guy who made me watch In the Beginning first. I would never have stuck with season one without it ringing in my ears, to be perfectly honest, and even if it's a too spoilerific opening it's still one of the better outings of the franchise.
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