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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

And now, two very different movies:

DVD Review: Citizen Kane [A]

Alright "greatest movie of all time", let's see whatcha got.

Separating this from the weight of expectations, which really can't be met, it's a very solid film. While it can never be as revolutionary as it was at the time, I've seen enough movies or clips of movies from that era to get a sense of what your average filmed looked like, and this felt pleasingly modern, for the most part (some of the scene transitions and musical cues are kind of jarring). Welles is great as the lead, and the supporting cast is also good (I gradually identified The Third Man's Joseph Cotten as Jeb, where he was the lead and Welles supporting); the actress playing Susan was kind of annoying at times (mainly the voice, but that was part of the character, I think), but she has a great final scene with him. One thing I really noticed was the age makeup, which is surprisingly good for this era, though the black-and-white doubtless helps with that.

Saw-it-in-advance Review: Planet Hulk [B+]

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