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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5

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Although I've rarely found B5 dull even at its worst, those first four episodes contain what I consider two of the worst episodes the show ever did (Soul Hunter and Infection) and though I personally enjoyed the other two, I know that many fans aren't crazy about them.
Oh gods, I remember hating those two episodes. I felt that Midnight on the Firing Line was okay, but Soul Hunter made me want to give up. I gave the show another shot with Born to the Purple only to be disappointed, so after that I waited a week or two before moving on to Infection, and that episode successfully killed my interest in the show. One of the reasons why I'm doing this thread is that I hope it will give me a motivation to continue past the rough first season, just like the Voyager thread helped me get through that show's third season.

Orac Zen wrote: View Post
This could be amusing. Sometimes these types of threads devolve into idiotic "I know better than you" / "you're wrong" / "if you (dis)like this you're an imbecile" gibberish
Hmm, sounds almost exactly like my M.O.
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