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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5

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OTOH, anything that actually spent twenty-two episodes "setting the scene" instead of putting the absolute best work they could right up front would be an automatic and pretty thorough FAIL. Even if your best at the time is halting or inconsistent - ie, TNG - you have to go for it. No "plan" justifies any less.
The idea was that if they spent the time to show what "normal" was, then it would be more effective when they turned everything on its head.
It doesn't matter what the idea was - to do it that way would be a thorough waste of time and resources. Every episode should be the very best on its own that it can be.

In fact it's not my impression that the series comes together that way at all - the first year is some of the best stuff IMAO - so it's a moot point to me.

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As much as I love the entirety of season three when all that "triggers get pulled," I prefer the first two seasons because of the variety and creativity...
Yep. Seasons one and two are the most interesting. Overall, though, the series is a great mediocrity and an example of failed potential. This is why despite a dedicated core fan base that keeps the memory of the show alive the audience for it has never grown substantially - there's not a lot of "there," there.
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