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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5

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I'm watching the DVD version, but now I'm upset that there's not going to be a gorilla bartender.
If it's the same one as from the Movie DVD Package, then the gorilla bartender is present. At least on my version it is.
Great maker, you may be correct. Perhaps I automatically close my eyes when the gorilla makes an appearance, or maybe he was onscreen for longer in the original version. Otherwise, I'll just pretend he was in transit from David Brin's uplift universe.
Oh he's defiantly still their in a few background shots, though they've clearly tried to edit around him as much as possible.
Exactly how much control or oversight did JMS have at this point? Though I realise B5 was still very much a work in progress at that point, I can't see how some of the sillier elements would have got past him.
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