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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5

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You mean there are Irish fans of the show?
Apparently there's a small number of them in hiding. My sister was one of the original fans from when it aired on Channel 4, and if anybody even walked into the room while she was watching a new episode she got pissed off, much like I do if anybody walks in on me while I watch those videos I have on my hard drive. She was one of the people that went out and spread the gospel of Babylon 5 back before it was considered nerdy to do so.

I've lived in the shadow of this show for over 15 years, I've been told for almost two thirds of my life that it is the greatest thing ever to air. So there's no pressure on it.

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There are two versions of "The Gathering". The original version (1993) had the Stewart Copeland score. the "zoo tour", and the gorilla bartender. JMS' later re-edit (1998) had a new score by Christopher Franke and included the prophetic foreshadowing by Kosh. The original version is available on iTunes but not on DVD.

Which one are you reviewing?
I'm watching the DVD version, but now I'm upset that there's not going to be a gorilla bartender.
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