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Re: A Niner Watches Babylon 5

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I first learned of B5 from my sister who was a big fan of the show as I was growing up, but she didn't allow me to watch it because she felt I was too young to understand it. The bitch. She only showed me one episode to pique my interest, it was an episode in the guise of a news report, and it was so long ago that I don't remember anything else about it. Years later my brother became a fan and he used to constantly belittle DS9 for being a lame copy of B5.
You mean there are Irish fans of the show? You lie, surely, but that explains why I've actually seen the DVDs available at HMV (while any search for, oh I don't know, FARSCAPE DVDs is a futile endeavour. This stupid, non-Farscape loving country.) I was heckled into watching the show way back in the early years of the last decade by American blowhard Trekkies who kept insisting to me over the internet that it was the best thing ever. Naturally, I'd never heard of the damn thing before coming to the TrekBBS, so it's nice to know in that peculiar respect the place hasn't changed.

To their credit, they suggested I start with In the Beginning, a prequel movie that admittedly spoils the mysteries of the first season and hints at others still later but has the additional bonus of actually being awesome. This was also because, at the time, In the Beginning and "The Gathering", the show's pilot were about the only B5 stuff on DVD.

The other reason, obviously, is this series takes a way too long time in the first season finding its space legs. One's got to be patient in the grueling haul of mediocrity it has early on (though Dennis is right, there are some very good single episodes here, the likes of which the show doesn't do later on.)

That includes "The Gathering," also. It's not all that good, really.
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