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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

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I wanted to like it. Really did, but by the end, I don't. I will give it a chance, by watching several more episodes, but the pilot did not impress. I realized that I prefer my SciFi with a little more scifi than Caprica offered.

I don't understand how we're supposed to feel sympathy for Zoey. She's a spoiled little brat convinced that her way is the best way. Skipping school, going to that club, and hanging out with a different crowd. And somehow she's some type of genius able to create something no one has been able to come up with? From what? Restaraunt slips, parking tickets, grades, ect.... OK, maybe the Zoey avatar was more than that, but Adama's daughter wasn't.

Adama is some type of lawyer, but he has ties to mobsters? How are we supposed to have sympathy for him either? If he were able to resist the mob, that would be something different, but he ends up delivering the message to that judge (smoking man). I get it, he lost his kid and daughter, but still.

I felt bad for Zoey's mom (step-mom?). I felt bad for Zoey's friend that wasn't blown up.

It's still early in this show, I'm willing to give it more of a chance, but I'm not confident on it.
With you on that one. After the pilot I don't care much about it.
So the destruction of the colonies was brought on by a lawyer and by a deus ex machina teenage girl on the rag???
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