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Re: Is it me or is there something special about Twin Peaks?

I also loved Twin Peaks. I had them all recorded when they first aired on old VHS and went back to transfer them to digital files a few years ago. It was even more weird what with all the old commercials during the breaks (like a BK one featuring a pre-famous Cuba Gooding Jr. with parachute pants and a parrot set to early commercialized rap music!).

The thing about Twin Peaks is that it was already set up to revisit the series. When we see the famous Laura Palmer dream sequence inside the Black Lodge, that was set 25 years later. That is only five years away now! It's a perfect chance to pick up the story again and play with what happened at the cliffhanger ending. Plus, Heather Graham (who got her start on this show) is still as hot as ever.

Also, if there never was Twin Peaks there never would have been the X-Files. As X-Files pulled a lot of the moodiness from Peaks and of course David Duchovny also came to fame playing the transvestite Agent Dennis/Denise there as well.
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