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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

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I mean, what great World War II movies were made during World War II?
I liked Hangmen Also Die!

I mean, Brecht plus Lang, how bad can it be?

I'd like to say 'give me time and I'll think of a great WW2 movie', but surely the best should just roll off the tongue. Harumph. There are good movies about WW2 that aren't really, though, that's a plus!

Strong performances from the cast and it avoids a lot of war movie cliches. I'd probably vote for Up in the Air over this, but it's a worthier winner than Avatar (a movie I liked but didn't love).
I do occasionally like to rain on Hurt Locker's parade a little, but I'd honestly put it ahead of Up in the Air, no questions from this quarter. An altogether more solid film, I felt, and one that did make more of a lasting impression than Reitman's affable, well timed, but somewhat tepid dramedy.

I'd be fine if it or Hurt Locker or Avatar won (I'd prefer Inlgourious Basterds over all three, mind you) but am annoyed that A Serious Man isn't turning heads at all. I get why Moon is overlooked, but when the Coen brothers craft a nice little masterpiece and leave it by the shelf shouldn't it provoke some concern? Some days that vies with Moon as my favourite movie of last year, in truth, and it may just succeed there.
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