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Re: Is it me or is there something special about Twin Peaks?

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Twin Peaks is one of my favorite series, I have a poster of it on my wall.

I think the series is perfection up until mid season two, when it falls off a cliff. The characters are some of the best ever on television, and the series has a feeling unlike anything else. I agree with what was said earlier, it feels like a real place that you could visit.

It does pick up in the last few episodes, and the final episode or two is as good as the early ones. I like the prequel film, but it doesn't feel like the series, I only suggest it to people who like other Lynch projects.
I pretty much agree with this assessment of the series. I really loved it at the time and I still consider the episodes in which Laura's killer is revealed to the audience and the episode 17 which concludes the murder story to be some of the most amazing TV dramatic moments ever. But the show went down after that so terribly that I found it unbearable to watch, so I quit. When I watched it again, I felt the same. I only saw the last few episodes a couple of years ago, having heard so many people talk about the ending and claiming that the story does pick up near the end, with Lynch returning to the show - and this is true. I don't think the ending is anything like the ending of The Sopranos - that one was vague and low-key, while the TP ending felt like a cliffhanger, despite the show having been cancelled.

I enjoyed the prequel film, but the only problem I had was that it felt like two different films which were tied together very loosely. Both parts felt very Lynchian, but the first part, dealing with a couple of agents played by Chris Isaak and Kiefer Sutherland, is slow, uneventful and open-ended, and a bit dull. The second part, which shows Laura's last days, is very intense and IMO much better. Sheryl Lee does justice to the character of Laura (I was concerned what it would be like seeing Laura on screen, having loved the character on the show despite the fact that she never actually appeared except in short flashbacks and recordings), and Ray Wise is great. Some might not like the fact that the actress for Donna was changed due to Lara Flynn Boyle refusing to appear (Moira Kelly played her instead), but I had no problems with it. One thing that the film improves on from the show is the portrayal of James and his relationship with Laura - he is not as lame and annoying as he was on the show.
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