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Re: Caprica - Grading & Discussion

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I don't think it's supposed to be family-friendly rather than it is about families (as opposed to the government and military).
Maybe they changed their minds because I thought Eick said when the series was in development that it was going to be much more family friendly than BSG. Maybe I heard wrong, but the eroticism in the first 10 minutes sure didn't make it more family friendly, especially when it was a bunch of teenage eroticism.
No, they always said "family drama" (as in about families, not for families). I never once remember hearing anyone say "family friendly."

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However, didn't I hear something along the lines of this was going to be more family friendly than BSG?
No, I don't recall that ever being said. I can't imagine anything in the BSG universe being family friendly. Far from it.
Well, than maybe I was just confused. Happened before, probably will happen again.

Thanks for the clarification though. I wasn't using it to judge the show, but I was surprised on how much of the whole sex thing there was.
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