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Re: TBBS Fanfic Recommendations

If you are a hearty soul, then I would recommend "Star Trek Voyager: Counting in Time" a fan fic novel near and dear to my heart. It can be found here.

Its set 10 years after "Endgame" and catches us up on the lives of the former crew of the Intrepid class starship aptly named Voyager. The crew has long gone their separate ways; into the Admiralty, onto different ships and to different planets, even into Starfleet Academy and civilian life.

Starfleet has plans in 4 days, for a 10th year Anniversary celebration of the return of the storied ship from the Delta Quadrant. Unfortunately, fate intervenes when disaster strikes Starfleet Academy and two of its Professors are kidnapped. Two Professors very important to a former Captain of Voyager.

The novel tracks how Admiral Janeway unravels the mystery of the kidnapping, and mounts the rescue of her former crew with the help of some very devoted friends. The story shows us how our lives don't always turn out the way we planned, but that in the end we are still responsible for the choices we must make along the way.

Although a Voyager story, it has a smattering of characters from DS9.

I suspect the rating is PG for violence.

Please be aware, this story does not exist in the same "pocketbook universe" where a certain Voyager character met an untimely end. In fact one can read this fan novel without consulting any "post tv series" voyager novels for information. I would recommend rewatching "Endgame" before reading "Counting in Time", since it directly impacts many points from that episode.

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