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Re: Is it me or is there something special about Twin Peaks?

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I want David Lynch to just flat-out do a science fiction TV series.
I don't know if he's really a flat-out sci-fi guy. His "Dune" wasn't very well regarded and I don't think the he was even a big fan of it.

I feel he's definitely more of a "fantasy/mystical" guy. I think he likes the more unusual stuff and the more of stuff where the laws of physics and reality arn't fixed but more fluid. Like with Twin Peaks, Mulholand Drive, Inland Empire, Wild at Heart, etc...

That said if you can ever track down his script for "One saliva bubble" you can see his take on a semi-sci-fi film (never made of course) that follws what happens in a town that has a secret governemtn supercomputer thing in it and how it gets all screwed up when one small bubble causes a computer malfunction that leads to big trouble.

Or his other sci-fi script (also unmade) call "Robbie Rocket Pants" (or something like that) set in a futuristic blade runner/noir type city and the title character (Robbie Rocket Pants) is a robot. Or maybe he's a human that thinks he's a robot. or something. It's been years since I read it. But I remember thinking it would be a good film.

Ronnie Rocket. Pretty sure the Little Man From Another Place (Mike Anderson, the carny master from CARNIVALE) was going to play the part.
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