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Terrible idea for a movie, a film with with no Luthor, no Brainiac, no Lois, no Zod and just two fools blasting each other around the galaxy with punches
This lame idea = silver age crap for only the hardcore Superman addicts

Big explosive effects and fights is not what was needed in Superman's Singer, it was quality written characters, a good script and quality actors that were needed

Bizarro is a yawnfest
Imagine watching Jack O'Halloran's Non for the entire Superman movie, but you get no Zod, no Lois, no Ursa
Just two idiots in capes brawling around the Galaxy for 120 mins


Sounds like this script is destined for the dustbin of history
Judging by the links, that would have only been the first half of the story. The second half would have included Lois, Zod, Ursa, Jimmy, etc. and have a fairly complex plot considering the material.
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