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Agh, I was gonna start a thread about this today! Curses!

Yeah, I loved ME1 to pieces, so I'm seriously pumped for ME2. It's by far my most anticipated game this year. I actually waited too long to pre-order the Collector's Edition on Amazon, and they were all sold out of the Xbox 360 version by the time I got there. So I checked back a couple days later, and lo and behold, they were offering one more copy! Needless to say I picked it up quick fast and in a hurry before anyone else could.

I've got a Paragon male Vanguard Shepard, a Paragon female Infiltrator Shepard, and a Renegade female Adept Shepard all ready to transfer over for ME2. I tried to do another playthrough a couple weeks ago, but I think I played the game so much that I just got burned out, because I only managed about an hour before I stopped.
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