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Re: What Did You Have For Dinner Last Night?

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^ Wow! What airline still serves "food" as opposed to teeny tiny bags of peanuts?
British Airways.

I always use them whenever I can because they're still a proper full-service airline. I noticed that they've even upgraded their entertainment system to full video-on-demand even in "World Traveller" (read: cattle class, though I nabbed the extra legroom seats both ways), so there's now a really wide range of new and old movies and TV to watch and you have full control over when it starts/finishes and can rewind, etc. A life-saver on a 12 hour flight, believe me.

Ironically enough though, they've phased out the tiny bags of peanuts. Seriously. I asked for some with my G&T and was told they're no longer available due to cost cutting but I could have some chocolate-covered raisins instead. Don't ask me to explain why these are cheaper than the peanuts.
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