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Re: Is it me or is there something special about Twin Peaks?

Piper wrote: View Post
It's not just you. Twin Peaks is extraordinary, one of the finest TV shows ever made.

At least, it is until, ohhh, the end of Season 2's ninth episode (the 17th in all.) You might want to stop watching at that point...
This. I find the second half of S2 to be virtually unwatchable. In fact, I've only re-watched it once when i first got the DVDs; every other time I sit down to watch the series I just lose the will to go on after the Palmer plot is resolved. Blech.

TheGodBen wrote: View Post
Bob is the creepiest villain I've ever seen, and the scene revealing the truth about Bob is one of the best TV scenes of all time.
Yah, that first reveal of Bob still freaks me the eff out.
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