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Re: Star Trek: Restoration - Onyx


Yes, Benjamani is a little bit of a bitch, but she thinks she is doing the right thing here, in trying to keep Ba'el off balance.

We'll be learning more about the missing days in a little while. As for the Doctor, I'll try and get that in there somewhere just for you!


I love the fact that you think even Barani has some hidden agenda to what she is doing and how she is reacting. If I tell you that she doesn't, would you believe me?

Glad that at least Kalara comes out on top in your estimation. As for her final allegiance... Who knows???!

Prin has proven in the past that she can get through to Ba'el in his darkest times, so hopefully this will be a similar situation. I guess we'll have to wait and see how much effect she still has on him.

Thanks for the comment on my description of the slipstream drive and travel through slipstream, I spent quite a while fine-tuning that.


It looks like it's a wash for the anti-Benjamani camp. Even I will admit, she is not a particularly agreeable woman.

The Dax-Ba'el confrontation was a long time coming but it had to happen eventually. Glad to see that you think Ba'el did the right thing, though we'll see in the next chapter that he mellowed a little as to his treatment of him once he had calmed down.

Yep, crises on crises on crises add up to... A hell of a lot of fun!!!

Thanks all for the continued comments!

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