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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

TNG fan reporting in. Let me tell you the tale about TNG for me.

I'm 19 years old, I grew up watching TOS, TNG and the movies randomly. By that I mean that the show was on TV, but I wasn't exactly paying attention to it, I was just one the TV because at the time there's nothing else to watch. See, I grew up in the 90's, for me Frekazoid and Batman - The Animated Series were the shit. When I heard they were making a new movie I decided to go and watch TOS. It was painful. Okaish. But mostly painful. (Not as painful as the actual movie, but that's another story). Anyway, I watched it all, got in the series and went to watch TNG.

Made the huge mistake on start watching it by the first season. Huge mistake. Even though it was boring to no end I got close to the characters so I read the summaries from the other seasons and watched those episodes I was more inclined on liking. Meaning that I watched about 20 Q, Picard, Data and Romulans related episodes. Then I meh'd it. Went forward and watched a little of DS9, hated it, don't want to talk about it and went straight to Voyager. Goddammit I loved that series. I watched it all and about two weeks and spent several months later re-watching random episodes that I liked best. After a while it started to get dull, and I looked to my left side and there it was poor and lonely: My TNG DVD pile.

Skipped the first two seasons, don't get me wrong I actually tried, but couldn't force myself any further on them. I watched the rest of it with the exception of some Troi/Beverly/Wesley-Related episodes, but I'm sure that's understandable. Anyway I fell deeply in love with the series, I couldn't believe that I have lost so much time avoiding it and turned out that it was just my loss.

Plot wise, I'm 100% honest here, I find TNG to be very poor. I know there's a lot of very good episodes, but most of them are just a bunch of people trying to force misplaced sense of morals, pointless speeches, long and excruciating scenes with absolutely no content whatsoever. Not to mention all random Gainan being random, "I need at least two more hours to bring the Warp Core online, Captain!" and, of course, all the scenes that are not suppose to be funny, but end up being the high point of the whole episode. (Not that this is bad, but c'mon)

Anyway, all the wrongs and rights on TNG is what makes the series so good, it has balance, and It's such a lovely show with a bunch of deeply charismatic characters that it's almost impossible not to like it.

I love discussing about the series, but if you want me to get actually interested on the conversation, make it about Q (All of the known ones, not just De Lancie's), Picard (Oh, Jean Luc) Or Barclay.

The only character I hate on the franchise is Deanna Troi. There's a lot of people I dislake but they are tolerable. Troi is just. No.

tl;dr - I love TNG.

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