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Re: Welcome Fellow Trekkies! The GTD Get to Know You thread

lol, I'm a Romulan, have to have a Klingon prejudice. I got kinda tired of having to close newbie threads and point them to Miscellaneous or the Red Shirt Lounge. We're important too!

I guess I'll start and then anyone (new or old) who wants to post can introduce themselves afterwards.

Hi, when I'm here I go by Alidar Jarok. I've been here almost seven years and I've been a moderator for four. The reason I joined this board actually was Enterprise. At the time, I had the Star Trek Chronology book by Mike and Denise Okuda and I noticed there was a big blank spot. I wasn't even a huge Trek fan before that point (I usually only watched Voyager during sweeps weeks), but it caught my attention and I joined to comment on a few episodes and maybe join in a few other threads that might interest me. Finally, I discovered other fora (TV and Media and Misc) and posted regularly in pretty much every Trek show forum and made friends with people here.

For any lurkers, I'd definitely suggest registering and posting. There's definitely an advantage in interacting with others than you don't get from just reading their posts.
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