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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

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We're also now considering what to do about the viewscreen. Has anyone tried rear-projection with one of the digital projectors available these days?
Not sure how well that will hold up, it also depends on what your using to film wth. If it were me I would green screen it since you plan to use CGI for other parts anyways. Downside being the more CGI you use the longer the over all production will be, depending on the shots of course. Lighting will be one of the hardest things as each shooting environment is differerent, it's really a hard skill that alot of people over look.

Glad you got you electrician on it. As an industrial structure the individual circuit amperage should be 20 amps or higher and all wire needs to be 12 guage or higher (no cheap household 14/2 or 14/3 LOL) but thats all standard electrical code anyways.
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