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Re: NCC-1701 USS Enterprise Deck by Deck - WIP

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So Havoc, what are you trying to accomplish here? A complete rationalization of the interior arrangement and volumetic space of a Constitution class starship (esp. as envisioned by the estimable Franz Joseph Schnaubelt)? Or are you planning on secretly building your own Constitution in orbit (shades of Michael Lonsdale as Drax from Moonraker spring to mind)?

Because (and it bears repeating), good googly moogly! You've definitely got the level of detail required for either! I salute your patience and attention to detail, sir.
LOL. I can here the theme music playing. "Where are you.. Why do you hide.."

Well, I really just wanted to learn max pretty thoroughly. And I think it's worked. I picked a subject matter I was interested in. Only intended to do the bridge really; but, hey.. along the way..

I decided to build her and I want a model that can be used for anything from minor caps to movie quality cg to gaming.. Why sell myself short.
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