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Re: Wow, Farscape was awesome!

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The reason people tend to dislike Season 4 is more SciFi's fault than anything. After the awesome arc that ended Season 3, Skiffy insisted that the writers go back to a more episodic format. This was annoying because all we as fans really wanted was to get back to the wormholes! Unfortunately, because of the new format, we had to wait almost half a season before we really got back into the big story (starting with Unrealized Reality)...AND THEN they did that stupid winter hiatus thing that SciFi is famous for, so we didn't get the second half of Season 4 for several more months!
Actually Sci-Fi never made that request.

One can't help but wonder if the network – unhappy with what they were getting in terms of content – ever approached O'Bannon or executive producer David Kemper with notes about making Farscape more accessible to new or casual viewers. "There were never any specific notes that I know of," says O'Bannon. "Believe me, there were constant conversations of, 'How can we make this more accessible?' But does that translate to dumbing it down or making the stories or characters less complex? We were battling our personal feelings that the show's appeal – to the passionate core audience and the critics – was that it was so outside the box. But the very thing that made it so unique also made it [difficult] for new viewers to hop aboard any single episode and get caught up in who these characters are.
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